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ANSA training _ Structural shell meshing for analysis

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ANSA Training course: Structural shell meshing for analysis

1. Who is this course intended for:

  • Students, engineers, experts, researchers in mechanical engineering, automotive, marine, aviation, construction, geology, irrigation, etc.
  • Beginners who want to work in FEA/CAE simulation and technical analysis and want to become a CAE analyst.
  • Inventors who want to build product simulation models to evaluate technical problems, improve design and change product quality.
  • Enterprises who are looking for modeling tools to simulate their products for R&D and product improvement.​​​​​​


2. Requirements:

The course is suitable for users with no or little programming experience who want to start using ANSA and learn basic modeling methods.

We will go through command implementations from very basic to intermediate level.

Enthusiasm, passion, enthusiasm for doing and trying new things.

Desire to build simulation models to solve real-world problems.

ANSA V22.1 or higher version has been installed on your computer.

(download link >>> https://viettechview.com/dao-tao/phan-mem-huong-dan-cai-dat/phan-mem-cae/ansa-meta)

It is recommended to use a computer with Core i5 processor or higher, and at least 8GB of RAM.


3. Course Description:

The course will take you on an exciting journey from beginner to expert in creating mesh models using ANSA software.

We will begin by understanding how a CAE process is done, the work to be done in each step of the process. What are we going to use ANSA for in that CAE process.

Duration : 9 sections. 21 lectures. 8.5h total length

Including Exercise data.

What you will learn:

  • CAE implementation process at work (15 mins)
  • What will ANSA be used for in CAE workflows (7 mins)
  • Basic introduction to the interface and basic operations in ANSA (45 mins)
  • Compile CAD data and set it up properly (5 mins)
  • Extract middle surface from solid model data (15 mins)
  • Manipulate CAD, clean up CAD, modify geometry and create new shapes of poor quality geometry data. (62 mins)
  • 2D mesh (shell mesh) surface (40 mins)
  • Set up and batch mesh with Shell Batch Mesh (50 mins)
  • Set up, test, and improve 2D mesh element quality (40 mins)
  • Using the FE-Perimeter tool to improve FE – Mesh (20 mins)
  • Use Feature Manager to identify, process and manage features in the model (17 mins)
  • Use Design Action to add, edit, delete, move, copy features in the model, create patches automatically (15 mins)
  • Create CAD model from FE model (8 mins)
  • Reverse design (CAD & mesh model) from CT scan data (.STL file) (75 mins)
  • Create assembly connections (Assembly connections): Spot welds, Seam welds, Arc welds, bolts (89 mins)
  • Other functions: Translate, Symmetry & Rotate, Transform & Scale (5 mins)

The main topic of the course is a deeper understanding of CAD/geometry creation and modification, meshing, and connections in an assembly mesh model.

We will then proceed to meshing where we will learn about 2D (shell) meshing, and the principles that one must follow when meshing.

In the meshing section, we'll do the multi-component exercises and try to implement the instructions we've built.

We will talk about Grid Parameters, Quality Check and Quality Parameters in detail.

Then move on to building models that assemble different components using joints. Regarding joins we will explore the possibilities of importing connections from an existing file to a new file.

To answer questions for you during the learning process. I will regularly update the sessions to absorb your issues and answer your questions.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.



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ANSA_Structural shell meshing training course

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