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Simulation Services and Support

We are the leading company in Vietnam in the field of CAD/CAE/CAM with engineers with many years of experience working in large corporations with products related to the automotive industry, industrial machinery, industrial machinery, household appliances, construction…

We are capable of mechanical design, simulation and analysis of engineering problems related to structure, heat, flow, acoustics and multiphysics problems. Thereby we help customers solve their problems during the R&D of products…

Project implementation process at VIETTECHVIEW :

Contract prices:

  • We can provide an estimate based on lead time, workload and complexity of the engineering problems.
  • We can get the job done well at a low cost.
  • It is possible to sign an exclusive contract to work with us for a long time.

We are committed to:

  • Quality assurance of work
  • Ensure work progress
  • Confidentiality of information for customers
  • Calculating reasonable prices

Our company’s capacity:

Software tools used:

  • FEM softwares : ANSA, FEMAP, Catia , NX, LS-PrePost
  • CAE softwares : ANSYS, LS-Dyna, Abaqus, Hyperworks, NX-Nastran

Moldex 3D, Pam-Stamp, Dynaform

  • Even with the new CAE software tool (on resuest), our engineers can learn & research to be able to use and meet the job requirements for customers..
  • Since the company is newly established, we only have human capacity and job skills, but due to financial problems, investing in software licenses is still difficult. We look forward  to receiving support from customers in providing software licenses.

Works that can be done:

  • CAD modek preparation: CAD clean up and model simmulation so analysis can be performed based on CAD data.
  • Meshing works: Create 1D, 2D, 3D mesh model, assembly, connections
  • Set material parameters, contacts, constraints, boundary conditions, etc.
  • Linear and nonlinear static/dynamic analysis: Strength analysis, Durability analysis, Duration, NVH
  • Multiphysics analysis, Collision/ drop analysis, explosion analysis & defense technology development
  • Simulation of production processes: molding, forming, cooling
  • CFD, Heat transfer analysis: Fluid dynamic analysis, aerodynamic analysis, conjugate flow & heat transfer, ventilation
  • Simulation Damage and failure of materials (metals, alloys, plastic, composites, concrete, glass, ceramics, rubber…)

General procedure for structural analysis:


Projects done:

Meshing works:

We can quickly create element mesh on complex CAD geometries (with automatic / manual meshing). It is possible to generate data that allows most operations to be performed in a short time with the help of automatic meshing functions.

  • Modelling:

We create FE (Finite Element) models of complex systems such as vehicles, airplanes, ships, electric motors, jet engines.

Which includes assembling the model according to the scientific management scheme, connecting the model (spotweld, seam weld, bolts, rivet, adhesive connection ...), defining contact types, setting materials (needle) type, plastic, composite, rubber, fabric, foam, glass, wood, ceramic, failure materials…), loads and assigning boundary conditions.

  • Design and meshing support:

Allows to automatically add some typical design solutions to the model to add rigidity to the structure.

Typical design solutions are: Beads, Darts, Bulk-heads, Reinforcements, Holes and slots, extension pieces, sheet and solid ribs, tailor welded & rolled blank.

These solutions are easily and automatically added to the finite element model without the need for geometry.

  • Parametrizing & CAE morphing:

Created FE models can be quickly adapted (transformed) to new geometric properties, and the modified model can be transmitted directly to the department as converted CAD data.

FE model can be parameterized using an element mesh with (geometry, dimensions, cross section, spot weld distance, arc weld, hole, curtain number can be changed easily by setting parameters for them.

Structural analysis for Automotive Supplier:

Through tensile, compression, bending, torsion, impact analysis. Research and development to improve quality, reduce costs for products (FR Bumper, A-pillar, B-pillar, Door) in cars

  • Improved stiffness, durability, lighter than the original product
  • Reduce product cost

Vehicle Impact simulation and check safety devices:

  • Frontal, oblique, side, and rear crash analysis (link…)
  • Check the vehicle's deformation ability to absorb shocks, assess the level of danger to the occupants (link…)
  • Check the operation of the safety devices on the vehicle (airbag, seat belt, seat…) in the event of a collision (link…)

CFD and Heat transfer:

  • Analyze the flow of liquid / gas in the pump, through the wind turbine (link…)
  • Aerodynamic analysis for cars, airplanes (link…)
  • Analyze the flow interaction with the structure of the parachute (link…)
  • Analysis of heat, heat transfer, air circulation in the refrigerator (link…)
  • Analysis of ventilation in rooms and buildings (link…)
  • Analysis of friction and heat in automobile disc brakes (link…)

Vibration and sound analysis:

  • Noise Vibration and Harshness analysis : Create conditioned vibration on the chassis model to analyze feedback, check the stress distribution of the vehicle body (link…)
  • Acoustic analysis in the car cabin (link…)

Military and defense application:

Defense industry for weapon development. It is a state of the art program which can simulate high speed impacts, explosions (underwater Naval mine, shaped charges), Shockwave modelling, Rail gun.

I look forward to discussing the details and next step!

Yours faithfully,


Tel: (+84)0363 999 110

Email: viettechview.kh@gmail.com


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